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Best Weight Watchers products

Brand: Weight Watchers Model: N00712
Large water tank and 3 tier levels to create your favourite meats and vegetables.60-minute timer to aid cooking. Automatic shut-off when the timer ends or water tank is empty.Each tier is removable for easy cleaning. Includes cooking bowl for steaming rice. Stylish stainless steel body.Features:60mi..
Brand: Weight Watchers Model: N00713
Whip up some glorious meals with this fantastic air fryer. Create the tastiest chips and wedges.Requires little or no oil. Circulates hot air creating a quick and thorough cook.The non stick coated cooking basket removes from the unit to make cleaning simple.Features:1400W PowerHeats to 200°Non Stic..
Brand: Weight Watchers Model: N00710
Get healthy in the new year with this Weight Watchers Egg Cooker.Brilliant for making soft boiled, hard boiled and poached eggs.Compact and easy to store, just add the correct amount of water using the measuring jug to achieve your desired cook...
Brand: Weight Watchers Model: N00711
Get healthy in the new year with this Weight Watchers Omelette Maker.Cooks in minutes and can be used without oil. With a delightful selection of recipes included, this brilliant Omelette Maker allows you to cook healthy meals incredibly quickly.Simple to use with a ready light indicator and co..
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