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Soft Toys & Stuffed Animals

Model: N01141
Resist the challenge not to laugh at the contagious giggling and hilarious wiggling of this Fufris Funny Monkey soft toy!This friendly, cheeky monkey will have your whole family in fits of laughter.Just give his hand a squeeze and watch him laugh in fits, roll around and even trump. He will shake un..
Brand: Clemontoni Model: N01174
Improve your little one's senses with this Baby Minnie Sensory doll.The adorable doll features all kinds of textures, noises and buttons for your child to experiment and play with.Available designs:Baby MinnieBaby Mickey..
Brand: Clemontoni Model: N01261
An interactive soft toy unicorn to play in a world of sweetness!This tender unicorn will entertain children with lots of sound and light effects, and will lead them to discover the first letters and the first numbers in an easy and engaging way.Stimulates visual and hearing perception and develop la..
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