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Electronic Pets

Model: N01175
Petrify your family with this scary Crawling Spider Mutant!Let it loose in your home and watch as it crawls into a room to surprise everyone in there.With lights & sounds.Auto redirects itself when it comes into contact with a surface.COLOUR OF SPIDER MAY VARY..
Crawling Robotic Scorpion Lights & Sounds Auto Direct Moving Animal Toy Children
Model: N01325
Scare the whole family by letting this Crawling Robotic Scorpion loose at home!Auto redirects itself when it comes into contact with a surface.With lights and sounds...
Robo Dog Animated Walking Pet Doggy Dexter Interactive Nods Wags Lights Sounds
Model: N01324
Interactive and electronic robo dog. Dexter the dog walks, nods and wags his tail at your little one.With flashing lights and sounds, he is more interactive than you could possibly imagine.With LEDs, multi-sound functions and a whole load of animations, this is the best possible robotic dog for your..
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