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Model: N01219
Look after Baby Carrie and take her wherever you go.A realistic playset featuring baby accessories to help you feed, bathe and play with your baby - and after a long day there's even a pillow and teddy that you can use to put them down for a well-earned rest!Features 4 sounds.16 pieces...
Model: N01216
Choose between 4 stylish outfits and dress your baby!With a selection of dresses in a range of colours and styles, you'll have an outfit for every part of the day!Includes baby doll and 4 dresses...
Model: N01251
Look after your very own little princess with this Baby Sophia Doll.When she cries, give her the dummy and calm her down!She'll stop crying as soon as she's sucking on her dummy...
Fashion Boutique Doll With 9 Dresses And Accessories Tiara Shoes Princess Gown Ball Dress
Model: N01228
Create your own Ball for your doll with this gown set with multiple accessoriesAccessories include, 9 dresses, shoes, tiaras and many more...
Model: N01268
Little ones will love playing mummy and daddy with this new born baby.The doll comes with plenty of accessories too, with a carry cot, pillow, a bib and a talc bottle. There is so much fun to be had for your little one with this doll set.Let them put the baby to sleep in the carry cot and take it ou..
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