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Brand: Britains Product Code: N03445
The Britains Farm Building Set is the perfect started kit for any young farmer - simply add your tractor of choice for an instant farm! Included is a farm building, 4 Frisian cows, 2 pairs of chickens, a farming family and their trusty farm dog plus a big pile of bales. Compatible with all 1:32 scal..
Brand: Britains Product Code: N03426
Fences are a must-have item for those who love to create farming dioramas or simply enjoy playing with farm animals. The pack includes 12 fences in blister package. Suitable for indoor and outdoor play, for kids and collectors aged 3+...
Brand: Britains Product Code: N03427
Within any farm there is farmer and his family, this set comprises of a farmer with his stick and sheep dog, his wife who has just collected the eggs and their daughter carrying a bucket. All three are wearing classic green wellington boots an ideal addition to the Britains farm yard...
Friesian Cattle Friesian Cattle
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Brand: Britains Product Code: N03429
A mixed pack of 4 Friesian cattle - 3 Frisian heifers in various poses and a Frisian bull with horns an ideal addition to the Britains farm yard...
Brand: Britains Product Code: N03428
2 horses and riders and a pony and rider, all going out for a leisurely ride together an ideal addition to the Britains farm yard...
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