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Brand: Mattel Product Code: N04372
Read the lights right or get mixed up with the exciting Crossed Signals electronic game! Choose one of 4 different games on the unit. Players see the lights and must act fast! Is there an arrow? Move the stick in that direction. See an "X"? Move in the opposite direction. Are both arrows lit? Shake ..
Dance Dance Revolution Dance Dance Revolution
Top Brand
Brand: Character Product Code: N03089
This fully functioning miniature Dance Dance Revolution Game allows you to recreate the magic of the original Dancing Stage Game now scaled to play with your fingers. Game includes 3 original tracks – Keep on Movin’ by N.M.R., Make is Better by mitsu-O!, Paranoia by 180. Bring home the Revolution! T..
Brand: Basic Fun! Product Code: N02769
Navigate Ms. Pac-Man around the maze, eating dots & avoiding ghosts!..
Brand: Flair Product Code: N00277
Pick Up Pete is the first ever self-driving truck in the game aisle! Pick Up Pete loves helping people carry their things. Take turns stacking your chairs in the back of Pete as he drives around in a circle, and whoever stacks all of their chairs first wins! Pick Up Pete comes with 24 coloured chair..
Brand: Character Product Code: N03198
Test your Pokémon Trainer knowledge with Trainer Guess Legacy Edition - a 25th Pokémon Anniversary Special Edition! GUESS and COLLECT 148 unforgettable Pokémon from Regions Kanto to Galar in your special Legacy Metallic Poké Ball! Just think of a Pokémon and answer the questions. Trainer Guess will ..
Brand: Character Product Code: N03196
Who will be the best Pokémon Trainer? Pokémon Trainer Trivia has 1,000 questions to turn you and your friends into real Pokémon experts! Try to beat your top score in Single Player Mode or challenge your friends in Multiplayer Mode! The Pokémon Trainer Game Master takes care of everything… from expl..
Brand: Character Product Code: N03291
When it’s lights off, it’s game on with the ProjeX Animated Projecting Game Arcade. No TV, screens of sensors necessary. Just point ProjeX at a blank wall, grab the blaster, aim, and blast the targets! ProjeX lets you test your speed and skill as you blast the moving animated targets that it project..
Brand: Character Product Code: N03197
Your mission is to save the city! A robot has been spotted! Deactivate it before time runs out! Work alone or as a Team! There’s no need to read the rules of the game, your virtual partner will give you the details of the mission. Use your voice recognition walkie-talkie to communicate with your vir..
Brand: Character Product Code: N03088
Introducing the Tiny Arcade Atari 2600! The smallest fully functional desk-top console game! Includes 9 original Atari games plus bonus fan-favourite Pac-Man! Original Atari Games include Combat, Warlords, Millipede, Tempest, Centipede, Pong, Missile Command, Asteroids and Breakout. Challenge your f..
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