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Gaming Headphones

Brand: Trust Model: N00012
Immerse yourself in your favourite game with this fantastic gaming headset.Also features an adjustable microphone, so you can chat to friends and teammates while playing!Features:Powerful soundSoft and comfortable over-ear padsAdjustable microphone and headband1m Cable for consoles1m Extension cable..
Brand: Turtle Beach Model: N00011
Appreciate your game’s audio to the maximum with the Turtle Beach Recon 50P, which are officially licensed for PlayStation 4.This lightweight and comfortable design offers hours of clear audio so you can hear the thunder in the distance or the enemies creeping around you.Want to discuss tactics with..
Brand: Turtle Beach Model: N00010
Officially licensed for the Xbox One, the Turtle Beach Recon 50X has impressive qualities without the large price tag.For the gamers who want to discuss tactics and hear even the quietest of sounds in-game, this gaming headset is for you.Get ready to place surround-sound onto your head with this com..
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