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Product Code: N07100
Electric Vacuum Pet Hair Remover. This easy to use and gentle Electric Vacuum Pet Hair Remover is perfect for keeping your pet looking their best. The massage nub and light suction removes shedding fur without harsh bristles. Requires 3 x AA batteries (Not included) Browse more Pet Hygiene online, a..
Product Code: N07026
Lint Brush Pet Hair Remover. Quickly and easily remove pet hair from household surfaces with this Lint Brush Hair Remover. The double-sided large brush requires no refills and is great for use on furniture, clothing, car seats, and more...
Product Code: N07029
Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover. Remove your pet's hair from upholstery and carpets around the house with this Lint Roller. Great for large surface areas, and has an easy to empty storage tray. Ergonomic handle...
Product Code: N06946
Pet Grooming Set. Keep your pet looking their best with Pet Grooming set. Contains slicker brush, short hair comb and flea and dust comb. Maintains a healthy, shiny coat. Browse more Pet Hygiene online, and buy at Ninety-One...
Product Code: N07110
Pet Parlour Deshedding Glove. Keep your beloved pet looking great by using this Deshedding Glove on their fur. Ideal for both cats and dogs, treat their coat with this glove by tidying it up. Massages your pet while lifting and removing hair from both under and top coat. Hair sticks to the glove - j..
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