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Cordless Vacuums

Brand: Beldray Model: N00563
With a high-efficiency motor and a washable filter the Beldray Quick Vac provides powerful, cordless cleaning throughout the home.While the 22.5V battery provides a long operating time, the Beldray Quick Vac quickly collects any dirt in its large 500ml tank, allowing you to vacuum more economically...
Brand: Black & Decker Model: N00338
The 2-in-1 Black & Decker cordless, lithium-ion powered vacuum cleaner makes light work of floor and surface cleaning around the home.Features cordless technology and an impressive 500ml dustbowl capacity for excellent cleaning power.And the lightweight, removable handheld vacuum with soft brush..
Brand: Blaupunkt Model: N01079
Free yourself from the constraints of traditional hoovering with the Powerforce Cordless Vacuum Cleaner from Blaupunkt .Its lightweight, cordless design and removable handheld give you the freedom to clean more efficiently, saving time and effort...
Blaupunkt Upright Cordless Multivac Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Battery Powered Blaupunkt Upright Cordless Multivac Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Battery Powered
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Brand: Blaupunkt Model: N00517
Breeze through household cleaning with the Blaupunkt 22.2V Cordless Multivac.Featuring power turbo brush bar, the Blaupunkt Cordless Multivac makes light work of vacuuming, leaving more time for you.Ideal for all kids of surfaces, from carpet to lino and hardwood floors, while the crevice tool lets ..
Brand: Hoover Model: N00340
Set your cleaning free with the Freedom 22v, an excellent cordless bagless vacuum, releasing you from the restraints of cables.It gives you a powerful cyclonic clean for up to 25 minutes. Its continuous power mode is for larger vacuuming tasks so there’s no risk of aching fingers from holding the tr..
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