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Weed & Pest Control

12pk Cedarwood Moth Balls Safe Natural Repellent Moisture Absorb Odour Killer Drawer Wardrobe
Mix & Match
Model: N00903
This pack of Cedarwood Moth Balls contains twelve individual balls that can be used as a safe and natural repellent against moths.The balls are constructed from natural cedarwood which also absorbs moisture and odours without the need for chemicals.Perfect for clothes drawers or wardrobes...
12x Citronella Scented Tealight Candles Fly Bug Pest Repellent Repel Deterrent 12x Citronella Scented Tealight Candles Fly Bug Pest Repellent Repel Deterrent
Mix & Match
Brand: Rowan Model: N00898
This pack of Citronella Tea Light Candles contains twelve individual tea lights that are suitable for use outdoors.As well as offering a sweet citrus fragrance, the candles can also be used to repel insects...
Model: N00900
This pack of shark tooth mouse traps contains two individual traps that help to control mice and other small rodents in and around homes.Each re-usable mouse trap is constructed from durable waterproof material and features a quick and easy mechanism that is simple to set.This product will kill the ..
2pk Slug Trap Chemical Free Safe Pet Friendly Snail Catch Robust Bury In Ground Easy Setup 2pk Slug Trap Chemical Free Safe Pet Friendly Snail Catch Robust Bury In Ground Easy Setup
Mix & Match
Model: N00897
These garden Slug Traps provide a safe, chemical free way to stop slugs and snails from damaging the garden, while not causing harm to other pets and animals.The traps are robust, reusable and easy to set up, simply bury in the ground. Each pack contains two individual slug traps. ..
3pk Ant Traps SImple Use Infestation Pest Control Insect Bug Kill Sugar Grease Feeding
Mix & Match
Model: N00893
This pack of Ant Traps contains three individual traps that are simple to use and guaranteed to work on all ant infestations.Each ant trap features a quick kill formula and works on all sugar and grease feeding ants...
5pk Fly Bug Plastic Hand Swatter Kill Pest Control Wasp Flying Insect Swat Hit 5pk Fly Bug Plastic Hand Swatter Kill Pest Control Wasp Flying Insect Swat Hit
Mix & Match
Model: N00896
This pack of Fly Swatters contains five individual swatters that are constructed of firm, lightweight plastic making them perfect for quick and effective use.Each swatter is 44cm in length and features a large swatting head and a bright colour...
All Purpose Garden Netting Plant Vegetable Fruit Protection Bird Animal Deterrent 6m x 1.5m Cut To Size
Mix & Match
Brand: Rowan Model: N00907
This All Purpose Garden Netting is constructed of durable plastic and is specially designed to protect growing plants, fruit and vegetables from birds and animals in the garden. Each netting measures 6m x 1.5m and can be cut to size to suit individual requirements...
Black Insect Window Screen Bug Mesh Blocker 1.3 x 1.5m Flies Wasp Flying Insects Ants Cut To Fit
Mix & Match
Model: N00904
This Black Insect Window Screen measures 130cm x 150cm and effectively keeps flies and insects out while allowing light and fresh air in through the mesh.The insect screen features quick release attachments and contains one black polyester screen netting and one 5.6 metre roll of hook and loop faste..
Flying Insect 8pk Easy Use Poison Free Sticky Paper Roll Indoor Outdoor Bug Pest Control Protect
Mix & Match
Model: N00894
This pack of Flying Insect Catchers contains eight individual catchers that are ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, and help to protect homes from bugs and pests.The insect catchers are simple to use, are poison free and environmentally friendly...
Flying Insect Bug Fly Wasp Bee Trapper 20,000 Flies Garden Patio Stable Pest Control Trap
Mix & Match
Model: N00892
These Flying Insect Trappers are perfect for controlling the fly population in large ares such as gardens, patios and stables.Each bug trapper is safe and easy to use, and lures up to 20,000 flies into the trap from which they can't escape.Lasts for 30 days.Packaged Weight: 0.171kgMaterials: Plastic..
Magnetic Door Mesh Bug Pest Screen Easy Install Insect Keep Out 2.1 x 1m Pet Friendly Quick Setup
Mix & Match
Model: N00895
This White Magnetic Door Mesh is quick and easy to install and is ideal for keeping insects and pest out while still allowing use of the door.Each pack contains:• One mesh door screen (in two halves)• Eighteen magnetic blocks • Twenty pins• Twelve hook and loop fastenersThe door mesh is quick a..
Rowan Weed Control Fabric 1.5 x 1m Garden Weeds Cover Tree Bases Border Vegetable Moisture Conserve
Mix & Match
Brand: Rowan Model: N00891
This Weed Control Fabric helps to control weeds around tree bases, borders and vegetable gardens, and has an opened size of 1 x 1.5 metres.The weed fabric is constructed from a porous material that allows nutrients to pass through allowing plants to flourish.Also helps to conserve soil moisture..
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