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Night Lights

Product Code: N08184
The ClevaMama ClevaPure Salt Lamp can be used as a humidifier, a comforting nightlight, a natural air purifier and an aromatherapy diffuser with all the benefits of Himalayan salt...
Product Code: N07506
Energizer Wireless Motion Activated LED Utility Light. Add some convenient light to your home with this Motion Activated LED Utility Light. Ideal for lighting up steps, porches, patios, and garages. Features: Bright Cob Technology Multi Angle Setting Indoor & Outdoor Use Easy to Install Includ..
Energizer Wireless Motion Activated Lights 2pk Energizer Wireless Motion Activated Lights 2pk
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Product Code: N07507
Energizer Wireless Motion Activated Lights. Add some convenient light to your home with these Motion Activated Lights. Automatically turns off in low light, simple to install and sticks to any surface. LED energy efficient light fitting. Features: Auto On/Off Simple to Install (Sticks to any Surfac..
Product Code: N07513
Evereay LED Light Switches. Quick & easy light at the flip of a switch. Great for cupboards, wardrobes, sheds, garages & more. 6x AAA batteries included. COB technology. 2 pack. If you would like to continue browsing more of our range of Eveready products, check out our brand page now or loo..
Brand: Cooke & miller Product Code: N017436
A handy pack of two compact, bright white LED lights, ideal for under shelf lighting and any other location that needs a wire free, useful light.Each light has a circular design with a diameter of approximately 6.7cm and is fitted with three bright white LEDs. The light can be switched on and off by..
Brand: Pocket Product Code: N017668
These LED lights are remote controlled and wireless, they can be individually or grouped together for more of an impact. Each pack contains five LED lights with approx 50 lumens. No tools are required to stick to a flat dry surface and use the included remote control (Range 3-5 metres) to set the li..
Brand: Cooke & miller Product Code: N017605
This motion sensor LED light bar is great for in and around the home. Each light will automatically turn off after 30 seconds, creating a hassle-free way to light up selected areas.  Without the need for screws or nails, the light bars can easily be mounted using adhesive pads. Ambient lighting with..
Brand: Pocket Product Code: N017674
These remote-control push lights will illuminate spots around the house. Each pack contains three push lights, wall mounts and remote control. The remote control allows you to set the tone. The remote control has ON/OFF functions an automatic 30-minute timer and a brightness feature. The remote requ..
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