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Product Code: N07659
Bartoline Sugar Soap Concentrated. Specially formulated for the cleaning and preparation of all paintwork prior to painting. Dilute with water before use. Removes dirt and grease. It may also be used as a highly effective general purpose household cleaner, simple to use and non-toxic. Fast acting. S..
Product Code: N07658
Bartoline Sugar Soap Spray. Supplied in a handy trigger spray which removes the requirement to dilute prior to use. As well as cleaning paintwork before painting the product is a highly effective household cleaner. Removes grease and dirt. Fast acting. Easy to use. Size: 500ml (Approx.) Browse paint..
Product Code: N07653
Harris Contractor Cotton Twill Dust Sheet. 100% Cotton twill dustsheet. Hard-wearing, strong construction and tear resistant fabric. Dimensions: 12 x 12" / 3.6 cx 3.6m (Approx.) Browse paint brushes, rollers and more in Ninety-One's great range of decorating supplies. To avoid danger of suffocation,..
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