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Paint, Stain & Varnish

Product Code: N07661
Bartoline Brush Cleaner. A water soluble solvent suitable for cleaning most oil based paint from paint brushes and rollers. Features: Quick and effective Rinses off with water Easy to use..
Product Code: N07660
Bartoline TX10 Paint & Varnish Stripper. A highly effective water based formulation, which is non flammable and biodegradable. It clings 100% to vertical surfaces, hence no drips, runs or waste and has minimal evaporation. Once TX10 has penetrated to the substrate, it can be scraped off leaving ..
Brand: Pocket Product Code: N017675
This pack of Furniture Touch-up Markers is perfect for hiding any scuffs, dents or worn areas on household furniture.This pack contains three markers in different shades of brown, from light brown to dark brown, perfect for use with wood floors, tables and doors.FeaturesProductCompliancePolicyID: Co..
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