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ChillFactor Coca Cola Slushy Maker ChillFactor Coca Cola Slushy Maker
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Brand: Character Product Code: N03307
The ChillFactor Coca-Cola Slushy Maker allows you to make delicious slushies' in seconds! No ice, no blenders, no mess! So easy to use, all you have to do is put in the freezer, wait for it to freeze then add your preferred chilled drink and squeeze! Right before your eyes you will see slushy appear..
Product Code: N06197
Slush Puppie Milkshake Machine. Do you love milkshakes but are bored of the same old flavours? Now you can have iconic Slush Puppie flavours in milkshake form! Make the ultimate milkshakes in no time with this Slush Puppie Milkshake Machine. Simply add 20ml of the Slush Puppie flavoured syrup of you..
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