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Hot Water Bottles & Covers

Brand: Pocket Product Code: N017560
These snuggly Faux fur hot water bottles are perfect for the Winter months. Each hot water bottle features a removable faux fur cover (100% polyester), covering a natural rubber bottle.  Each carton contains an assortment of three colours cream, grey and blush. FeaturesProductCompliancePolicyID: Col..
Brand: Simply Lighting Product Code: N017548
A convenient and comforting home accessory is this Faux fur hot water bottle. This water bottle will provide warmth and comfort around the shoulders and neck.  The removable faux fur cover can be washed when needed. The neck warmer will make a great gift throughout the year. FeaturesProductComplianc..
Brand: Pocket Product Code: N017561
The long hot water bottle is perfect for keeping warm in colder weather. Each hot water bottle measures 76 x 2.5 x 14cm perfect for keeping warm in bed or on the sofa. The removable sherpa cover provides extra comfort and warmth.  Each hot water bottle is finished with an elasticated neck silk satin..
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