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Product Code: N04825
This pack of Ant Traps contains three individual traps that are simple to use and guaranteed to work on all ant infestations.Each ant trap features a quick kill formula and works on all sugar and grease feeding ants...
Product Code: N04838
This eco-friendly Decoy Wasp Nest is constructed of paper and offers a no mess solution to ensure homes and gardens are a wasp free zone. Each nest works by imitating an enemy wasp nest, making territorial wasps steer clean and avoid attack.Simply open packaging and hang in a suitable position...
Brand: Jazwares Product Code: N04804
These Fly Swatters are fast and effective and feature a flexible, extendable arm which helps reach further when preventing flies and pests entering the home. Each fly swatter features a flat swatting pad and a handle that extends from 16cm to 62cm.This product is supplied with a display box...
Product Code: N04834
This pack of Window Sticker Fly Traps contains three individual traps that are a safe and discreet way to trap flies and other flying insects.Each 9.5cm x 9.5cm window sticker features a bright and colourful print of a flower that attracts flies and traps them with a non-toxic sticky residue.Ideal f..
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