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Product Code: N04848
These strong and flexible fly swatters are great for catching those unwanted flies. Fast and effective featuring an extendable arm that helps reach further when trying to catch flies and pests. Each fly swatter features a flat swatting pad and handles that extend from 16cm to 62cm...
Product Code: N04818
This pack of Fly Swatters contains five individual swatters that are constructed of firm, lightweight plastic making them perfect for quick and effective use.Each swatter is 44cm in length and features a large swatting head and a bright colour...
Product Code: N04870
Fly swatters are fast effective and easy to use. Each of the fly swatters has a length of 43.7cm, no need to overreach. Constructed from lightweight and sturdy plastic for a precise swat. Each pack contains 4 swatters in individual colours. ..
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