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Insect Traps & Baits

Product Code: N04829
This pack of Flying Insect Catchers contains ten individual catchers that are ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.The insect catchers are simple to use and help to protect homes from bugs and pests without the need for poison. Environmentally friendly...
Product Code: N04808
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Product Code: N04862
These Flying Insect Trappers are perfect for controlling the fly population in large areas such as gardens, patios and stables.Each bug trapper is safe and easy to use, and lures up to 20,000 flies into the trap from which they can't escape.Lasts for 30 days...
Product Code: N04992
These garden Slug Traps provide a safe, chemical-free way to stop slugs and snails from damaging the garden, while not causing harm to other pets and animals. The traps are robust, reusable and easy to set up, simply bury them in the ground. Each pack contains two individual slug traps. ..
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