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Weed & Pest Control

Product Code: N04941
This All Purpose Garden Netting is constructed of durable plastic and is specially designed to protect growing plants, fruit and vegetables from birds and animals in the garden. Each netting measures 6m x 1.5m and can be cut to size to suit individual requirements...
Product Code: N04825
This pack of Ant Traps contains three individual traps that are simple to use and guaranteed to work on all ant infestations.Each ant trap features a quick kill formula and works on all sugar and grease feeding ants...
Product Code: N07102
Bob Martin Pest Free Repellent. Keep your beloved pet cat healthy and free from fleas and ticks with Bob Martin Pest Free Repellent. For cats and kittens from 12 weeks. 6 applications. Prevents ticks and fleas for up to 24 weeks. Browse more Pet Hygiene online, and buy at Ninety-One...
Product Code: N04838
This eco-friendly Decoy Wasp Nest is constructed of paper and offers a no mess solution to ensure homes and gardens are a wasp free zone. Each nest works by imitating an enemy wasp nest, making territorial wasps steer clean and avoid attack.Simply open packaging and hang in a suitable position...
Product Code: N04848
These strong and flexible fly swatters are great for catching those unwanted flies. Fast and effective featuring an extendable arm that helps reach further when trying to catch flies and pests. Each fly swatter features a flat swatting pad and handles that extend from 16cm to 62cm...
Brand: Jazwares Product Code: N04804
These Fly Swatters are fast and effective and feature a flexible, extendable arm which helps reach further when preventing flies and pests entering the home. Each fly swatter features a flat swatting pad and a handle that extends from 16cm to 62cm.This product is supplied with a display box...
Product Code: N04818
This pack of Fly Swatters contains five individual swatters that are constructed of firm, lightweight plastic making them perfect for quick and effective use.Each swatter is 44cm in length and features a large swatting head and a bright colour...
Product Code: N04870
Fly swatters are fast effective and easy to use. Each of the fly swatters has a length of 43.7cm, no need to overreach. Constructed from lightweight and sturdy plastic for a precise swat. Each pack contains 4 swatters in individual colours. ..
Product Code: N04829
This pack of Flying Insect Catchers contains ten individual catchers that are ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.The insect catchers are simple to use and help to protect homes from bugs and pests without the need for poison. Environmentally friendly...
Product Code: N04808
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Product Code: N04862
These Flying Insect Trappers are perfect for controlling the fly population in large areas such as gardens, patios and stables.Each bug trapper is safe and easy to use, and lures up to 20,000 flies into the trap from which they can't escape.Lasts for 30 days...
Product Code: N04820
This Humane Mouse Trap is poison free and will trap and hold a mouse without killing it. The mouse can then be released away from the home. Each mouse trap is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and will catch a single mouse before it can be reused...
Product Code: N04811
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Product Code: N04993
This Patio Weed Brush has been specially design to combat weeds growing through patio paving stones and flags.The weed brush features tough metal bristles and a strong pointed scraper that will remove weeds with ease. ..
Product Code: N04992
These garden Slug Traps provide a safe, chemical-free way to stop slugs and snails from damaging the garden, while not causing harm to other pets and animals. The traps are robust, reusable and easy to set up, simply bury them in the ground. Each pack contains two individual slug traps. ..
Product Code: N04831
This Weed Control Fabric helps to control weeds around tree bases, borders and vegetable gardens, and has an opened size of 1 x 1.5 metres.The weed fabric is constructed from a porous material that allows nutrients to pass through allowing plants to flourish.Also helps to conserve soil moisture...
Product Code: N04859
This White Magnetic Door Mesh is quick and easy to install and is ideal for keeping insects and pest out while still allowing use of the door. Each pack contains:€¢ One mesh door screen (in two halves)€¢ Eighteen magnetic blocks €¢ Twenty pins€¢ Twelve hook and loop fastenersThe door mesh is quick a..
Product Code: N04834
This pack of Window Sticker Fly Traps contains three individual traps that are a safe and discreet way to trap flies and other flying insects.Each 9.5cm x 9.5cm window sticker features a bright and colourful print of a flower that attracts flies and traps them with a non-toxic sticky residue.Ideal f..
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