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Product Code: N04809
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Product Code: N04824
This Hose Connector Set contains five individual pieces that are constructed from durable plastic and feature an assortment of tap and hose adaptors, which are compatible with most major brands of garden hoses.Each connector is manufactured to a high standard using high quality materials that offer ..
Product Code: N04853
A mixer tap connector that allows a normal domestic hose to be used with a mixer tap. Using a rubberised connector with a metal clip, the tap connector can be tightened into place using the supplied metal clip. A standard 1/2" hose pipe can be connected to the unit. Fits most standard domestic mixe..
Product Code: N04988
This robust multi-tap connector adjusts to fit a variety of domestic tap sizes. The connector can be tightened onto the tap spout for a leak-free fit with the other side of the connector allowing a standard 1/2" hose to be connected.Suitable for most domestic taps.Supplied complete with an assortmen..
Product Code: N04989
This Snap Action Multipurpose Tap connector is easy to use for fitting to most standard domestic taps to make a secure and leak-proof connection and features a tightening system to ensure a secure seal. Ideal for use with half an inch hoses, sprinklers and spray guns...
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