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Pool Chemicals & Testing

Product Code: N08226
ClearWater Chlorine Granules. Perfect for maintaining a healthy hot tub environment. The cleaning granules produce free active chlorine (FAC), which rids your hotub from bacteria and harmful organisms. The chlorine treament is easy to apply and, because it has minimal impact on the water's pH levels..
Product Code: N08227
ClearWater Clarifier. An extremely effective way to prevent hot tub water looking dull and cloudy due to dead algae, skin cells and other dirt and grime that's too small to be trapped by a filter system. Contains flocculants, chemicals that bind small particles of dirt together so that an above grou..
Product Code: N08229
ClearWater Dip Tests. ClearWater strips provide a quick and easy way to check chemical levels in your hot tube, untested water can become a breeding ground for bacteria or develop a chemical imbalance that can irritate skin or eyes. Testing pool water with the dip strips couldn't be simpler. All you..
Product Code: N08225
Clearwater Fast Action Tablets. The Clearwater Fast Action Tablets are a simple solution to maintaining precise chlorination levels in pool/hot tub water. The rapidly dissolving water treatment tablets can be added to a chemical floater in order to quickly change chlorine levels with minimum impact ..
Product Code: N08224
ClearWater Foam Remover. Foaming is generally caused by shampoo and deodorants used by hot tub users as well as a person's natural body oils. Showering before entering the hot tub can sometimes help to alleviate foaming caused by oils, deodorants and shampoo, however foaming can also be a normal sym..
Product Code: N08223
ClearWater Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets. Incredibly simple way to maintain clear and hygienic water. The water treatment tablets should be used with a Bestway 5in Chemical Floater, which slowly releases them into a pool to keep it consistently clean. As well as containing chlorine, which kills b..
Product Code: N08219
ClearWater Spa Starter Kit. The Bestway ClearWater Spa Chemical Starter Kit is the utmost starter chemical package for inflatable hot tub care. Chemical treatment in your spa is essential - it doesn't matter how long or how often you plan on using it. That's why Clearwater have packaged together thi..
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