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Brand: Flair, Hairdorables Model: A124 JPL237751
Our favourite DUDESQUAD, the HairDUDEables, is back again The boy #BFFS with the “Big Hair Don't Care” attitudes are back with new looks and a new BFF, Asher Each package includes a doll duo: one exclusive Hairdorable doll in all new themes, and one surprise HairDUDEable. With 4 Dudes to collect..
Brand: Flair, Hairdorables Model: A124 HAA100001
Our favourite #DUDESQUAD, the HairDUDEables, is back again! The boy #BFFS with the "Big Hair, Don't Care" attitudes are back with new looks! Their cool style and friendships are second to none. Each of our best dude friends have a look and passion that is unique to them and they are total #STYLEGOAL..
Brand: Flair, Hairdorables Model: A124 HAG010001
It's Prom Season, and the Hairmazing Squad is making their grand entrance with the Hairdorables Hairmazing Prom Perfect Fashion Dolls. All 6 have a fresh and exciting new prom style. Dressed in glamourous evening gowns showcasing each of their stylish personalities and a “Prom Hair, Don't Care” ..
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